‘Ergenekon’ to be a TV series

ISTANBUL – A commercial Turkish TV channel will soon start a series about Ergenekon, the shadowy gang that orchestrated a plot to overthrow the government. The makers, who remain anonymous for now, promise a romanticised series based on fact. This was reported in daily newspaper Milliyet today.

The Ergenekon gang was broken up earlier this year. Dozens of ex-military personnel, journalists and politicians were arrested and are accused of planning and committing murder. Their aim was to destabilize Turkey and prepare it for a coup. The court cases against the suspects are being held at the moment, and apparently the files provide enough material for a long-running TV show. Several well known actors and actresses in Turkey have already committed themselves to the series.
It is not the first time in Turkey that a TV series has been made based on current affairs. Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves) has been a famous series for years now and deals with connections between the state and the mafia. Kurtlar Vadisi draws criticism because of the amount of violence and the right wing ideology that some people claim is being promoted.

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