Baby in Turkey killed for ‘honour’

ISTANBUL – In the far west of Turkey a 2 day old baby has been killed to save the ‘honour’ of the family. The mother was not married to the father of the child, and this brought shame upon the family. Several Turkish papers report this story on Saturday.

The 25 year old mother got pregnant by her boyfriend before he left for his military service. She kept the pregnancy secret till labour started. The baby was born earlier this week in a private clinic, but the attending doctor kept silent about the birth and the baby was not registered. The grandmother drowned the baby, and three brothers of the new mother buried the child in the garden and poured concrete over it.

An anonymous caller tipped off the police. The young mother, her own mother and the brothers have been arrested, along with the doctor who attended the birth. The baby’s body has been exhumed for a post mortem examination.

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