Kurdish party ends boycott of parliament

ISTANBUL – The pro-Kurdish party BDP is ending its boycott of the Turkish parliament. The MP’s will take their oath on Saturday, at the opening of the parliamentary year, the party announced on Wednesday. The BDP members refused to take their seats after the elections in June because some of their group members had not been released from prison.

The BDP says with the move they want to ‘defend peace against war more powerfully’.

Several parties and organizations called on the BDP to come to parliament to strive for the rights of Kurds. Earlier this week the militant Kurdish movement PKK also said they would have no problem with the BDP returning to parliament. On Wednesday a Kurdish umbrella organization, the DTK, also called for an end of the boycott. Six of the 36 BDP MP’s are still in jail charged with terror-related crimes.

One thought on “Kurdish party ends boycott of parliament”

  1. …. and at the same time as the BDP-parlament-members end boycott Turkey starts taking the same people to jail. Bianett writes yesterday that 92 members of BPD has bee taken into costody. Shame on them!


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