Lawsuits filed against coup perpetrators

ISTANBUL – Two Turkish human rights organisations and an action group have filed a complaint at the Ankara prosecutor’s office against Kenan Evren, leader of the military coup in 1980. The retired general can be brought to trial since the Turkish people in a referendum yesterday approved of a package of constitutional changes. Complaints have also been filed  against other high-ranking officers involved in the coup. Several Turkish media reported that Monday.

Kenan Evren is now 93 years old and lives as a free man in Marmaris, on Turkey’s West Coast. When last year it became clear that governing party AKP wanted to amend the constitution to enable the prosecution of coup perpetrators, he said he would rather kill himself than to appear before court. The story goes that he has a gun with one bullet for that very purpose. It is not known yet what the prosecutor will do with the complaint. Because of Evren’s advanced age prosecution is not certain.

The article that allows for prosecution of coup perpetrators was hardly disputed in the referendum: all parties in parliament supported the change.

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  1. Eastanbul Times
    Eastanbul Times says:

    You are not a Journalist and you are hiding the truth otherwise you will use this photo which was taken 15 months ago on 2009! Islamist 1980 Coup leader General Kenan EVREN with islamist AKP founder PM Asistant Minister Bulent ARINC! The 3rd person is the islamist AKP supporter General Hilmi OZKOK! Kenan Evren is responsible for thousands of death and torture of mor ethan 1 million people. Islamist Kenan EVREN closed the CHP (Ataturk’s Party) Republican People’s Party and arrested illegaly more than 400,000 CHP supporters! He is the one that created Erdogan and AKP!

    I don’t think that you have a right to use our pain you are not honest! You don’t care I grew up with this pain my people my family suffered from the Islamist 1980 Coup! The 1980 coup made the Islamists that much powerful in Turkey! Respect our pain! You are hiding the truth do not type about Alevis and 1980 Coup Do not use our wounds they are still hot! Shame on you! What is wrong with you people! Geerdink why are you helping Akp!

    Do you know Arkadaş Z. OZGER Enver GOKÇE what you know about Turkey! Go on like this talk type without caring about truth! If they did the same violence to Dutch People believe me you won’t be peaceful like Alevis! Do not try to reply or try find reasons you don’t have enough knowledge to argue about this subject! You are doing a terrible thing to people!

    Faşistler camlara yürüdüler
    Kürsüleri kırdılar, höykürdüler
    Tığ teber şahı merdan
    “Tanrı Dağı kadar Türktü bunlar
    Hıra Dağı kadar müslüman.”
    Ve de kanlı bıçaklı düşman
    Gökler ışıyordu yer yer
    Ortalık ala şafaktı.

    Enver GÖKÇE

    Do not publish this comment just think of and look at to a mirror in to your own eyes to face off! No we Alevis never hurt people so you can go on hurting us with lies and you can go on helping fascist AKP!
    This is the truth you are hiding


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