If it’s liberated, Mosul won’t be safe for minorities unless it adopts grassroots democracy

MAKHMUR, Iraq ― Diversity is what defined the land that is now Nineveh Province and its capital city, Mosul, for thousands of years. Like other parts of the Middle East, it is historically multi-ethnic and multi-religious. While many of those who now fight hard to kick the so-called Islamic State out of Mosul pay lip service to the beauty of this cultural richness, their proposals for governance of the region after ISIS are merely scenarios for more ethnic and religious strife. A more logical solution, put into practice already in northern Syria, is hardly ever discussed.

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  1. Nya
    Nya says:

    Never multiply cultural countries in middle east and elders got stability and peaceful live side to side because 100years of blood exist between them.
    Kind regards.
    The kingdom of PayBaas

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