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Do you want a Kurdish senses package, normal size or XL? A package that lets you smell, feel, watch and listen to the Kurdish regions of Turkey? There is a way! It’s one of the perks I thought of to stimulate the crowds to contribute the funds I need to continue working on my book about the Kurdish issue. Want to contribute immediately? Go to www.indiegogo.com/KurdishMatters. Need some more convincing? Please read on!

The point of my book, for now named Kurdish Matters, is to show the human side of the Kurdish issue in Turkey. The matter is usually in the news only when there is violence and death to report. Of course, as a journalist, that doesn’t surprise me, I know how media work. But that doesn’t mean I need to accept it. I travel around a lot in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, and I have seen from close by that there is much more to the Kurdish issue than the violence. In fact I think that without hearing the personal testimonies of the people directly involved, it’s impossible to understand what is really happening in the region and in Turkey regarding the Kurds.

In the daily news, there is not much space for these important personal stories. As a journalist, I contribute to the one-sided reporting on the issue, because many of the media I work for focus on news, and not directly on the human stories. I feel the responsibility to help balance the coverage of this matter. And to do that properly, I want to publish a book. Yes, in English (and in Dutch).

Convinced? Almost? Why don’t you go to www.indiegogo.com/KurdishMatters and watch the video I made especially for the project. And check out what other perks there are to be had for any contribution you make! Thanks so much in advance!

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