Arzu Erbas an ‘angel’ in Turkish press

ISTANBUL – An ‘Angel of goodness,’ she is called in the Turkish press, the crèche owner of Turkish descent, Erzu Erbas, who was murdered in Amsterdam on Monday night. Several Turkish newspapers report on the Turkish émigrée and mainly focus on the fact that she helped poor people in Turkey with the income she earned in the Netherlands.
Arzu appears on the front page of Turkey’s biggest newspaper Hürriyet, which also publishes an interview with her father Mustafa, who lives in Rize, a city in the northeast of Turkey. With tear-drenched eyes father Erbas lets himself be photographed, in his hands the annual report of a housing association that has a picture of Arzu on its cover. He also provided the newspaper with a picture of Arzu and her husband Hakki on their wedding day. Arzu’s father: ‘She was a well-loved business woman in the Netherlands.’
Daily newspaper Taraf also gives Arzu a lot of coverage, with a headline saying: ‘The murder all Holland is talking about’. Here too there is an interview with her father, Mustafa, who talks about Arzu’s recent nomination for an award from the Queen, for which she visited the royal family. ‘The murderer’, says Mustafa, ‘must be caught as soon as possible’.

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