Big anti war demonstration in Istanbul

ISTANBUL – At least some 8,000 people demonstrated in Istanbul Thursday night against a possible war with Syria. Several NGO’s joined hands to express their disapproval of a law that the Turkish parliament passed today. The law authorises military operations outside Turkey’s borders.

The law was approved today after a mortar coming from Syria killed five people in a town at the Syrian-Turkish border. Most likely an accident, but Turkey reacted immediately and fired back. In retaliation, swears PM Erdogan, who claimed after the passing of the law that Turkey has no interest to really start a war. Syria in the meantime offered apologies for the deaths and allegedly started an investigation.

The demonstrators carried banners with texts such as ‘Imperialists will lose’, and ‘AKP, hands off Syria’. For historical reasons Turks are strongly against interventions in other countries.

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