Youtube confusion

No no no, the youtube ban has not been lifted. Newspapers all over the world announced this on Tuesday, and I was embarrassed about missing it. How can I check almost every day and still not notice, what’s wrong with me? I read about how some parts of the country are taking longer to reconnect – something that I totally don’t understand, I mean they usually close it down in a split second don’t they? – so that’s why I missed it, I argued. But now I see that newspapers have been copying each other’s news without calling anybody in Turkey to just ask if they could access the site again. They would have said: No, youtube is still off-line. And then today’s press anouncement would not have been necessary either: it was officially stated that youtube was still banned. Anyway, attention has been drawn to the whole issue once again, and that’s always good. And if you read in some paper that the ban has been lifted, then don’t necessarily believe it. Only if yours truly writes that youtube is open again, then you can be sure 😉

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