Morning peace

I got up early to finish a story I got stuck with yesterday. Around 6 I was already busy typing. Now and then I got up to enjoy some fresh morning breeze at the open window. And then I saw one of my neighbours sitting on the threshold between her living room and her balcony. She was silently mending some clothes, her baby boy sleeping in a bed behind her. Like me, she must enjoy using the quietness of the early morning to get those jobs done that we never seem to have time for during the day. I kept on typing, got some good work done and every time I took a look, she was still sitting there doing her work. And funnily enough, at around the same time, our morning peace was disturbed. I saw her putting away her mending things as her baby started to make its first sounds. When I looked at my computer screen, my first email of the day had come in.

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