Social Struggle

My stories about social struggles come from Turkey, Kurdistan, Syria and the Netherlands. There are articles in Dutch and in English, and some of them are available in both languages.


Anja Meulenbelt: ‘Alles is gewoon kut’ – Vrij Nederland, September 2022

Lina Zedriga: ‘EU houdt de Oegandese president in het zadel’ – Amnesty’s magazine Wordt Vervolgd, July 2022

Voel de hiphop in de oosttunnel van CS – NRC Handelsblad, April 2022

Voor deze trans personen zijn excuses van de staat niet genoeg – Vice Nederland, November 2021

Als Nederlander geboren in de kolonie, nu stateloos – One World, November 2021

‘I cry a lot, every day’: victims of the Dutch child benefits scandal fight for compensation – The Conversationalist, October 2021

Op pad met Massih Hutak: zo komt Amsterdam-Noord in opstand tegen gentrificatie – Vrij Nederland, August 2021

‘I act against power’: Sylvana Simons is proudly disrupting politics as usual in the Netherlands – The Conversationalist, May 2021

‘Westers’ versus ‘niet-westers’ was nooit een onschuldige indeling – One World, April 2021

This Royal Coach Is Forcing a Reckoning With Racism – Atlas Obscura, January 2021

De Grijze Wolven verbieden maakt ze alleen maar sterker – NRC Handelsblad, November 2020
Then asked to speak about the Grey Wolves in current affairs radio show Nieuwsweekend.

‘Wij rouwen niet, wij maken films’ – De Groene Amsterdammer, February 2020
(in English) Rojava Film Commune: ‘We don’t mourn, we make films’ – Patreon, February 2020

Kurdish singers follow in the footsteps of dengbej-singing ancestors – Ahval, December 2019

De verbazing over een feminist met een hoofddoek is vermoeiend – NRC Handelsblad, December 2019

Moet u al bijna kotsen? – Frontaal Naakt, September 2019
(in English) Are you close to vomiting? – Patreon, September 2019

Raqqa’s bits and pieces (a short documentary film) – Patreon, August 2019

Raqqa krabbelt op – De Groene Amsterdammer, August 2019
(in English) Raqqa recovers and wants recognition – Patreon, August 2019

‘Het slavernijverleden brengt ons juist dichter bij elkaar’ – NRC Handelsblad, October 2018

Turkije en Nederland begrijpen elkaar steeds beter – De Volkskrant, July 2018
(in English) Turkey and the Netherlands’ converging ideologies – Ahval, July 2018

If it’s liberated, Mosul won’t be safe for minorities unless it adopts grassroots democracy – The Huffington Post, October 2016

‘Dit land haat de Koerden. Dat besef doet pijn.’ – Vrij Nederland, May 2016
(in English) ‘The war in Southeast-Turkey – ‘This country hates the Kurds.’ – Byline, May 2016

‘Ik wil niet zijn wie ik in Nederland ben’ (persoonlijk relaas over uitzetting uit Turkije) – Volkskrant Magazine, December 2015

Turkey’s election was soaked in suppression and blood – The Huffington Post, November 2015

Yazidi candidate hopes for historic first in Turkish election – Al-Monitor, may 2015

Kurds in Turkey atone for their role in the Armenian genocide – Global Post, May 2015

Kurds pay respects to Armenians – Al-Monitor, April 2015

Diyarbakir Kurds rally to show support for Prophet Muhammad – Al-Monitor, January 2015

ISIS advance: 200,000 Syrian Kurds find a cold reception as they flee Kobani across border into Turkey – The Independent, October 2014

Kurds not giving up on education in mother tongue – Al-Monitor, September 2014