Legal Struggle

My stories about legal struggles are situated in Turkey, Kurdistan, Syria and the Netherlands. There are articles in Dutch and in English, and some of them are available in both languages.


New Yorkse balie eert Amsterdamse hulp aan jezidi’s – Het Advocatenblad, May 2023

Helpt deze nieuwe wet de vervolgde Jezidi’s? – Amnesty’s magazine Wordt Vervolgd, April 2023

Groningers struggle as Dutch gas debate flares up – Newlines Magazine, October 2022

The legal battle for the future of Scotland’s Highlands – Newlines Magazine, September 2022

Court Cases to Delist the PKK Advance a Political Solution – Kurdish Peace Institute, May 2022

Kurdistan Region’s proposed ISIS-court endangers Yezidis further – MedyaNews, May 2021
I publish a column about Kurdish affairs on MedyaNews every week, why don’t you check them out?

ISIS-vrouwen in Noordoost-Syrië: “Ik hoop dat ze ons op een dag laten gaan” – Wordt Vervolgd, July 2020
(in English) Al Hol-camp in corona times: “I hope one day they will let us go” – Patreon, July 2020

Naar de rechter om een uitstrijkje – NRC Handelsblad, April 2020
(update) College: ‘Pas bevolkingsonderzoek baarmoederhalskanker aan voor transman’

Families of Turkey’s political prisoners fear coronavirus impact – Ahval, March 2020

After Belgian court ruling, PKK might be removed from EU’s terrorist organisations list – Ahval, February 2020

De berechting van IS-strijders: handen schudden op Koerdische grond – De Groene Amsterdammer, February 2020
(in English) Kurds want recognition of their courts – and their autonomy – Patreon, February 2020

Selahattin Demirtaş: release order upon release order, but still in jail – Ahval, September 2019

Journalist Peter Breedveld vervolgd wegens belediging: “Ik trek alle registers open”– NRC Handelsblad, July 2019

Despite brother’s visit, Öcalan remains in isolation – Ahval, January 2019

7 years later, Roboski families cling to fading hope – Ahval, December 2018

Laffe EU staat niet principieel achter Turkse persvrijheid – De Volkskrant, November 2016
(in English) EU’s cowardice shows lack of support for press freedom in Turkey – Byline, November 2016

Stop defending Turkey’s ‘secularism’, it’s been a lie all along – The Huffington Post, May 2016

Ambulances halted as Turkey besieges Kurdish town – Al Jazeera, January 2016