Journalistic Struggle

Stories about the journalistic struggle are from Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Malta and the Netherlands. There are articles in Dutch and in English, and some are available in both languages.


Weer geen persconferentie in Tunesië na migratie-onderhandelingen – Villamedia, July 2023

Chilling intimidation campaign against journalist outside Chinese borders – Index on Censorship, July 2023

Op zoek naar gerechtigheid voor vermoorde journalisten: “Het systeem van straffeloosheid moet worden doorbroken” – Vrij Nederland, May 2022

Jake Hanrahan, de Britse verslaggever van vergeten oorlogen – NRC Handelsblad, April 2022

It’s time to put down the detached watchdog – Index on Censorship, March 2022

Turning back the tide: the refugee crisis tests Greek media freedom – Index on Censorship, December 2021

Obituary: Peter R de Vries ‘a tireless and courageous fighter for justice’ – Index on Censorship, July 2021
(one week earlier) Attempted murder of Dutch crime reporter Peter R de Vries “a slippery slope of violence” – Index on Censorship, July 2021

Ans Boersma wil zich niet meer verstoppen – Villamedia, June 2021

Waarom het n-woord nog voluit in de krant staat – One World, March 2021

Ervaren journalist doet master – Villamedia, January 2021

Hoe ik van ‘objectieve waakhond’ een ‘pleitbezorger voor sociale verandering’ werd – Vrij Nederland, August 2020

Revolutionary Iranian-Kurdish town brought back to life in film “Big Village” – Ahval, June 2020

Photographer Hawre Khalid on working in Iraq’s wars: ‘All I can offer is a click’ – Patreon, December 2019

Shirin Amin, widow of murdered journalist Kawa Garmyani: ‘For Kawa, journalism was about freedom’ – Patreon, December 2019

Hope became a dream – press freedom in Iraq (full pdf!), book for Eva Tas Foundation, December 2019

Syrian photographer documents destruction by walking tightrope – Index on Censorship, August 2019

Journalist Peter Breedveld vervolgd wegens belediging: ‘Ik trek alle registers open’ – NRC Handelsblad, July 2019

Als journalisten worden vermoord, sterft ook hun verhaal – Vrij Nederland, February 2019
(in English) When journalists are murdered, the story does die too – Patreon, September 2019

Muslims systematically framed negatively in Dutch newspapers – Index on Censorship, January 2019

Maltese journalist Caroline Muscat continues in the spirit of her murdered colleague Daphne Caruana Galizia – Index on Censorship, October 2018

Maltees journalist Caroline Muscat: ‘Ik was beschermd. Zij niet.’ – NRC Handelsblad, October 2018

Kurdish translator Kawa Nemir vows to keep Kurdish publishing going from Amsterdam – Ahval, July 2018

Trilogy about Kurdish journalists in Turkey – Byline, January 2018
1. Journalist Faruk Encü, refugee in Switzerland: ‘I cannot be bought’
2. Journalist Nedim Türfent, imprisoned in Turkey: ‘To touch truth is a dangerous game’
3. Writer and activist Nurcan Baysal, working in Diyarbakir: ‘Until they detain me, I will write’

Bans, jails and shameless lies – press freedom in Turkey (full pdf!) – book for Eva Tas Foundation, May 2016