Armed Struggle

These articles about the armed struggle are mainly about the Kurdish armed movement – the PKK in Turkey, and the YPG/J and (Kurdish-Arab) SDF in Syria. There are articles in Dutch and in English, and some are available in both languages.


Wat nu voor de Koerden in Noord-Syrië? – De Groene Amsterdammer, October 2019

Minderjarigen in de PKK: Vertrouw op de liefde van de bergen – De Groene Amsterdammer, August 2018

Dit vuur dooft nooit- een jaar bij de PKK – Uitgeverij het Spectrum, May 2018

Portrait of a PKK-fighter: Comrade Hesen staggers but never falls – Byline, August 2017

PKK co-leader Cemil Bayik: “What are we supposed to do? Surrender? Never.” – Byline, October 2016

Drie Koerdische vrouwen vermoord in Parijs; ne pas ouvrir – De Groene Amsterdammer, January 2016
(in English) Three Kurdish women murdered in Paris; a crystal clear mystery – Byline, February 2016

Survivors of the city wars – Byline, 26 October 2016

Taalles bij de PKK: Ik ben een guerrillero, jij bent een guerrillero, wij zijn guerrillero – Vrij Nederland, September 2016
(in English) Language course with the PKK: I am a guerrilla, you are a guerrilla, we are guerrillas – Byline, December 2016

Erdogan could break the cycle of violence if he negotiates with the Kurds – The Huffington Post, March 2016

Turkey’s airstrikes against Kurdish militants in Iraq are also killing civilians – Global Post, August 2015

Bommen op de bergen – De Groene Amsterdammer, July 2015
(in English) Who is Turkey really fighting? – Byline, July 2015

The struggle to rebuild life in Kobani as fighting continues in the surrounding – The Independent, February 2015

Boy dies in street clashes in Turkish-Syrian border town amid fears of escalating violence – The Independent, January 2015

ISIS in Syria: Turkish hospitals open their doors to the Kurdish casualties they once regarded as terrorists – The Independent, September 2014

Kurds who became village guards and fought PKK rebels in Turkey to be disbanded – but they fear a betrayal – The Independent, February 2014