Over the last couple of years I have appeared several times in Turkish and Dutch media. Here’s a list! It’s all in Turkish, unless otherwise mentioned.

4 January: ‘Tehlikeli oyunlar’, blog post from this site re-published on site of IMC-TV.

7 January: I was interviewed live about the ‘peace process’ in Turkey in the late night show on independent station IMC-TV. Watch it here.

11 January: Public interview via twitter with InternetHaber, later translated to Turkish and put on their website.

22 May: The journalist who makes me feel ashamed, a column in Turkish daily HaberTurk by journalist Amberin Zaman.

22 May: Interview with Cüneyt Özdemir, famous Turkish talk show host, in his prime time TV show on CNN Türk, about a trip I made to Uludere/Roboski. Right after the program, I heard that I talked too openly for Turkish TV. Maybe that’s why the video is no longer available on the site of CNN Türk. If anybody can find the video, please let me know!

3 July: After visiting Uludere/Roboski, the town where the Uludere massacre took place in December 2012, I was interviewed by IMC-TV. Watch it here!

22 November: Dutch radio show Casa Luna, broadcast every weekday after midnight, allowed me to talk almost two hours about the Kurdish issue. Listen to it here! (in Dutch)

12 December: One hour interview on the Istanbul community radio station AcikRadio. Starts with a few minutes in Turkish, the rest in English. Listen to it here!

Earlier in 2011 I did an interview on AHaber, a major TV station, but I don’t think that’s still online.

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