Rojava Film Commune: “We don’t mourn. We make films”

Patron was on the road with the Rojava Film Commune to screen their latest film ‘The End Will Be Spectacular’ for their home audience.

“When we need a tank, we get one”, said Sêvînaz Evdike. It has to sink in before the coin drops that it’s actually about an army tank, which is provided by the SDF, the forces of the autonomously administered northeast of Syria, to the Rojava Film Commune when they need one. They can provide fighters as well, or helmets, uniforms, you name it: the SDF likes to make its contribution to the artistic work of the film community. But it’s not a one way gift. Sêvînaz, the co-leader of the commune: “Both the SDF and we are parts of the same body, which is the self-administration of Northeast Syria. We both do our best to make it a success.”

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