Expat Turks can vote abroad

ISTANBUL – The Turkish parliament has adopted a law on Wednesday that allows Turks living abroad to vote from their country of residence. About 2.5 million voters are affected, according to Turkish media reports.

The law was handled as a ‘fundamental law’, which made speedy adoption by parliament possible. No opposition party opposed the law – an exception in Turkish politics.

There were critics though. There are questions about the number of days voting abroad will be allowed, and there is scepticism about the procedures of counting the votes honestly.

Since 2008 Turks living abroad have been able to vote at Turkish border crossings in the weeks before the official election day.

The next parliamentary elections in Turkey are planned for 2015. However, Turks living abroad may be able to exercise their new right as soon as this year: there is a small chance there will be presidential elections in August.

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