Turkish Hitler ad taken off the air

ISTANBUL – The controversial shampoo ad with Adolf Hitler in the leading role will immediately be taken off the air in Turkey, the head of the advertising agency that produced it announced on Tuesday.

The company is stopping the campaign because it caused great anger in Turkey’s Jewish community of about twenty thousand people. Hitler praised the shampoo as suitable for ‘real men’. Some people want the advertising agency and the shampoo producer to be prosecuted for spreading hate.

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  1. Candide
    Candide says:

    Actually in Turkey people should learn how to become
    hypocrites (or maybe better hypocrites) to use this kind of stuff politically then call it “freedom of speech” like Wilders did and the court accepted. However people is not that educated and smart yet or they don’t have sufficient stomach for it 😉
    A shampoo producer is spreading hate 😀
    I wish to see Wilders as a shampoo producer 😀
    Ahh yes now we will see lots of discussion about the Kurdish issue and Armenian genocide. Nobody will target shampoo producer but Turkey 🙂


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