The sacraficing of the bull

When I came home Saturdaynight, I heard the sound of a cow coming from the neighbour’s garden. I checked, and yes, there it was. Usually there are only chicken running around there, and the occasional cats and dogs. But I was not surprised to see a cow: the next day would be the Feast of Sacrifice. I knocked the neighbours door and asked them when the poor thing would be slaughtered. Tomorrow morning at 9, they said. I went home again and charged my small video camera.

The last sound I heard before I fell asleep that night, was the cows mooing, which was also the first sound I heard when I woke up the next morning. I poured coffee in me, and then I was on the way.

Don’t watch this when you are weak hearted. You see it just the way it happened. Uncensored, so to speak. And no, the video doesn’t start with the scene you see underneath!

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