Turkish ultranationalists switch to pro-Kurdish party

ISTANBUL – In a remarkable decision by a politician of ultranationalist political party MHP in Turkey, he has switched to pro-Kurdish party BDP, along with 16 members of the local MHP Board, daily Radikal reported on Tuesday. There are hardly any parties more ideologically opposed than the MHP and the BDP.

The ex-ultranationalist, Ömer Bozkurt, was a local leader of the MHP in the eastern and mainly Kurdish city of Van. He claimed he no longer wanted to belong to a party that is part of the system, but wanted to be closer to the people. He called on members of other parties to follow his example and join the BDP as well. Interestingly, Bozkurt’s last name means ‘Grey wolf’, a famous symbol of Turkish ultranationalists.

Lustre was added to Bozkurt’s decision with a ceremony in which the local BDP politician, Dervis Polat, pinned a BDP button on Bozkurt’s jacket. Polat said he was very happy with the new member.

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