Turkish aid organisation IHH linked to extremism

ISTANBUL – The Turkish organisation IHH (Foundation for Humanitarian Relief), which organized one of the ships in the aid convoy to Gaza, and which was attacked by Israel today,  has two faces: aid organisation and friend of extremists. In Turkey it is mainly supported by conservative Muslims.

IHH, founded in 1992, is one of the biggest and best known aid organisations in Turkey. Recently they offered help to victims of the earthquake in Haiti. On the other hand they are not secretive about their ties to extremist Hamas, which governs Gaza: IHH supports them financially. In Turkey the support is shown through, for example, exhibitions, information meetings, and the publication of books about the situation in Gaza (but not about the problems in other Palestinian areas). The ship that is now in the aid convoy, and which left Antalya on the Turkish south coast last week, brings both faces of IHH together.

Almost fifteen years ago there was a criminal investigation into IHH in Turkey: the organisation was allegedly involved in supplying weapons to Muslim terrorists. In the end this didn’t lead to a ban on the organisation. In aid for disasters in Turkey, like earthquakes, IHH has been kept at a distance ever since.

Written for news agency ANP. The hard news about Israel attacking the convoy, as far as it related to Turkey, was covered not by me but by international agencies, like Reuters and AP, with which ANP cooperates.

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  1. Richard L
    Richard L says:

    This is a bit heavy on accusations and a bit light on detail. Admittedly if you took out the prejudice you would have a very short article. So then you would have to get out of the office and do some research. Wow that’s a radical thought!

    Show a bit of journalistic integrity another time please.

  2. Mikey
    Mikey says:

    Israeli people are surrounded by tow ruthless terror extreme organizations, the Hezbollah on the north and Hamas on its southern border. True, the Palestinian people on Gaza are starving, but not because of Israeli blockade. They are getting rot because each penny Hamas saintly leaders get they use to get more and more missiles in order to attack innocent Israeli civilians.
    The Israeli blockade is aiming to prevent those deadly weapons threat Israeli people.
    The true facts are that Israel is more than willing to help the poor Palestinian people who are being captured by their fanatic leaders. Israel has said that all humanitarian supplies will be transferred to Gaza after ensuring that no missiles or other ammunition is in there. Up till now, the Hamas is not letting the humanitarian supplies which were on Marmara ship enter Gaza…I wonder why.

  3. ezgi
    ezgi says:

    We know IHH from turkish media that it has been carrying an aid prgram for the people from all over the world regardless of their ethnic or religious identity.
    The latest aid program of IHH for Gaza has beeb tried to sabotage with the term Terrorist.
    I think there is no any agrrement on “terrorist” term. Which authority decides that thsese or those are terrorists. İf we look the latest news of Israel all the people who againist the blockode on Gaza are Terrorist, but if there is a terrorist, it is only Israel. Israel has killed civilians, babies, women. Even it has bombed UN’s hospitals on Gaza
    finally, peace activists were killed on aid ship.
    I want to ask again who was the terrorist.

  4. katrin
    katrin says:

    What a surprise!!! Islam-terror-extremism. All the concepts of ‘islamophobia’ are ready and together again. I really fed up reading the memorized ideas in various websites and from various writers. I hope you can dare to step out from your memorized maps in your heads and try to see what is happenning nowadays regarding Gaza from the perspective of ‘humanity’.

  5. Hans
    Hans says:

    Fatah members and non-Hamas Palestinians in GAZA are excluded of humanitarian aid.
    So…Kartin And Ezgi…can we start talking now?


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