New Kurdish party active

ISTANBUL – After the banning of the DTP last Friday, Kurdish activists have formed a new political party: the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). The party was founded last year to take over the activiteis of the DTP in case the DTP was closed down. According to DTP leader Ahmet Türk, the BDP is a new party with new people and no parliamentarians will transfer to the BDP.
The DTP was closed down because of ties with the PKK. Two MP’s of the DTP, including Mr. Türk, have to leave parliament on court order. The other 19 DTP MP’s are also resigning in protest, which results in 27 empty seats in parliament. When there are 28 seats unrepresented, new elections have to be held within 3 months.
Committee members and parliamentarians from the DTP have announced they will travel to Diyarbakir tomorrow (Monday) to protest against the banning of their party. Diyarbakir is the biggest Kurdish city in the sout east of Turkey.

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