Üsküdar for beginners (3): market and second-hand stuff

The problem with tourists is that they often want to ‘go somewhere’, whereas I usually prefer just to wander around in the streets. But actually, in Üsküdar you can get stuck on busy streets, not knowing where to turn left or right to find somewhere nice. So I’ll direct you to somewhere specific, where you can just wander around: the Üsküdar market on Saturday morning. (update Saturday July 4th: what a coincidence, starting yesterday the Saturday market changed into the Friday market!)
Look on your map, find Balaban Caddesi, starting at the harbour, and walk up that road. Soon this street turns into Hakimiyeti Milliye Caddesi. Walk up it (don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s very steep) to the end, where there’s an intersection. At that point, you can see the entrance to the market.
What’s so nice about it? The variety of things on sale: the headscarf stand next to the most amazing bra stand you’ve ever seen, the stands with shawls piled high,  with women diving into it, the stands with kitchen utensils that are sometimes so weird that you wonder what the hell they are used for (but that can also be due to a lack of kitchen experience on my part), the tons of vegetables kept wet all the time so they look so very fresh. And then the prices. Cheap cheaper cheapest. Last but not least: the people. Ordinary Üsküdar folk, nothing fancy, just real Istanbullu’s, and tourists are hardly ever seen in this market.
And Üsküdar has some good second-hand shopping too. It’s close to the market. Go back to the entrance, and when you come out of the market, to the right you will see the red AK Bank. Turn right after the AK Bank, then take the first street on the left, then you come into a nice street with trees. At the end of this street on your left there are ‘antikcilar’ (antique dealers), in the basements too. There are shops with old furniture, but also shops with things that fit in every bag. Enjoy!

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