Repair the bridge!

For an average Dutch person like me, the (first) bridge over the Bosporus is just a bit too much at night. Too many lights in too many colous with too much flickering. On just any night you can see the bridge being yellow, green, red, blue and purple, in any order, and at the same time the coloums of the bridge turning from green to pink to blue. Sometimes, some laser lights are added, beaming their rays in every direction possible. Mind you: I don’t condemn it, I just see it. And I admit, also love it in a way. But last night, the balance was gone. The left side of the bridge was flickering happily in many colours as usual, but the right side didn’t join! Power failure? All the bulbs broke there at the same time? Some municipality guy joking? I don’t know, but please, please, repair the bridge

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