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I have made an end-of-year present for magazines, organisations and people I work with. I’m not going to tell what it is now, but while I was making it something interesting happened, and I decided to turn it into a contest for visitors to my website. What happened is this. The thing I made has a front page, and, on the front page, there is a picture of me with a green shawl around my shoulders. Underneath that, my address and website are mentioned, in bright yellow. Now I wanted to add ‘journalist in Turkey’ too, and I wanted it to be written in red. But the girl in the shop who is making this business present for me, refused to use red in combination with yellow and green. I quickly understood why and choose another colour. Do my website visitors have a clue about why yellow, green and red are not a suitable combination? If you know, or if you think you know, mail the answer to f.geerdink AT I will pick four winners from the right answers and send them the business present too!

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  1. serkan taycan
    serkan taycan says:

    ha ha
    hi Frederike.
    I want my present..
    should I need to write it, do you expect me to write? 🙂

    I hope you are fine?
    Have you received the magazine? Flow..

    see you


  2. Fréderike Geerdink
    Fréderike Geerdink says:

    hi serkan, you are on my people i work with-list, so you get the thing anyway 😉 didn’t get flow yet, will only be published beginning of january. by the way, i send the market-idea to marie claire now and hope to hear from them soon! see you!


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