One film, please!

Last year, I lived for about nine months in a rather boring town in Capadocia. My boyfriend and I would go to dinner now and then, and if we wanted to get out of the house at night, we could go visit friends or play billiards. If a movie came to town, we would go, no matter which movie it was. Then, when the boyfriend was about to go into the army, I moved to Istanbul. The idea of visiting his friends without him didn’t appeal to me, and playing billiards alone is kind of stupid. In Istanbul I would be living alone but I would have all this culture surrounding me all the time. But to be honest, all this culture is driving me crazy! I subscribe to different newsletters which tell me what Istanbul has to offer. They don’t tell me which film festival is on, but which different film festivals I can choose from. The list of concerts not to be missed is endless every weekend, the same goes for photo exhibitions, classical concerts and outdoor events. And when I go to a bar in the nightlife district, there are hundreds of leaflets to grab off dozens of leaflet stands to keep me informed about the smaller concerts, films, events, theatres and exhibitions. What to do? Where to go? Please, please, offer me less! Offer me one film, please, and I will go!

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  1. uha1
    uha1 says:

    Hello Frederike,
    try subscribing to Google news for Istanbul. Thats also how I get your blogs. Also see the movie “120”, dvd w/ eng subtitle just came our. I watched it last week. Great movie!

    And for what to do, and are gorgeous sites. (I like them even better than But you need to know at least basic Turkish. sends you weekly emails about what to do this weekend.
    Sometimes I hate myself for not living in Istanbul. HUH!


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