Kurdistan is beautiful

I was the guest of a Turkish family for a few days. The mother of the family sometimes likes to watch Roj TV, the Kurdish channel that broadcasts from Denmark and has for ages been a pain in the ass for Turkish citizens and the government, which labels it as a PKK propaganda channel. The mother watches Roj TV I think mainly to get herself worked up over obvious things like the news from a Kurdish perspective, but also over the weather forecast for ‘Kurdistan’ which includes some Turkish territory. But this time when she switched it on, there was nothing irritating. There was a nature programme. She just looked and said nothing. So I egged her on a bit. I sighed and said: “Kurdistan is beautiful, isn’t it?” “What are you saying?”, she replied with gaping eyes. “That’s Turkey, not Kurdistan! Kurdistan doesn’t exist!” Then she saw my eyes and started laughing, and I did too. I just love it when simple jokes work out.

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