Men in place of sand bags

Lots of criticism this week of the Labour Minister, who suggested that the Tuzla shipyards  be closed or replaced in a bid to solve the safety problems endemic there. The immediate reason behind his ‘plan’ are three more deaths this week in Tuzla. What happened? A life boat needed to be tested. Officially the test has to be done by loading the life boat with sand bags. But for some reason, humans were used instead of sand bags. The boat failed the test, ropes broke, the life boat fell into the water from a height of 10 metres and 3 people were killed and 16 injured. Maybe the Minister thinks it’s the wind in Tuzla that makes working there dangerous, or the angle of the sun’s rays. I mean, there must be some reason why he thinks moving Tuzla to somewhere else might help solve the problems. I hope he manages to come up with a better idea.

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