Explosions do kill

Istanbul is an amazingly big city, and the district of Güngören is far away from where I live. That’s why I didn’t hear anything about the bombing until I got an email about it, about half an hour after it happened. I heard explosions last night, many even, but I had learned not to pay too much attention to the sound any more: in summer, there is at least one big loud fireworks show over the Bosporus every night, sometimes even two or three. When I had just moved to the city and heard the bangs for the first time, I was concerned and went outside to see if I could find where the sounds came from. Getting closer to the Bosporus, I saw the brightly coloured and beautiful explosions in the air and smiled. It took a few nights before I got used to it. I enjoyed the fireworks when by chance I  saw them, but that’s it. Now I have learned once again that explosions in Istanbul are not always just part of the life of a vibrant big city. Sometimes, explosions do kill. 

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