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A first aid kit, a flashlight with spare batteries, a stock of non-perishable food and a fire extinguisher. Where to get the last one, no idea. But I should buy these things, according to a website that informs about what to do when an earthquake occurs.

There is an earthquake about to happen in Istanbul, that’s for sure, although of course nobody can say exactly when. And this week, yesterday to be more precise, we got a foretaste of it. The city shook at 4.9 on the Richter scale. Not that I felt anything of course. I read about it on the internet – Marmara’da deprem: earthquake in Marmara. (Marmara is the region around Istanbul.) A friend of mine felt it, but I was only staring at this newsflash on the internet. Earthquake? Marmara? Didn’t feel anything! So a small one, no damage and it hardly got any attention.
But one day, there will be an earthquake that cannot remain unnoticed. And that’s when it would be practical to have these things at home. I’ll go find them one of these days. I’ll also see if I can get hold of a helmet – that’s needed when you go out after the quake. It’s my most unreal errand list ever, but it could turn out to be the most life saving too.

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