Not a rubbish bin

You want to adjust a bit in a society that is not yours. Also waste wise. But I just can’t do it, throwing waste on the street. I try sometimes, really. For example when I have an empty water bottle in my hand. I’m walking, or waiting for a bus or a boat. I’m about to throw the empty bottle in the gutter, but at the last moment, I don’t. By the way, it’s not uncleanliness that makes Turks, or more precisely the people of Istanbul, throw things on the street. Many parts of town don’t have rubbish bins on the street. That’s an anti-terrorism measure, because rubbish bins are ideal for hiding bombs in. So you throw your rubbish on the street, and every night the street sweepers come and the street will be shiny again. Anyway, this week I thought I found a middle way. At the market, I saw an open plastic bag next to a stand with some undefined things in it. So as casually as possible, I threw my empty bottle ‘on the street’ but actually I was neatly throwing it into a rubbish bag. I thought. The owner of the stand took it out again, shouting at me: ‘Hey, that’s not a rubbish bin!’ and threw the bottle on the street. So I’ve given up. Now I put my rubbish in my bag and take it home to dispose of.

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