Sounds of Istanbul

The call to prayer that blares out over the city from dozens of minarets, the shrieking of big flocks of seagulls, the horns of the ferries over the Bosporus: these sounds are inextricably bound up with Istanbul. I would like to add a sound: a deep and massive singing, a monotonous but sometimes also melodious cheering. Tonight it was there again, for about two hours. It’s the sound of the Beşiktaş stadium during a match. The stadium is situated right by the shore of the Bosporus on the European side of the city, and I live opposite it, on the Anatolian side. The water carries the cheering and singing directly into my living room. Tonight it was there again, very strong this time, as Beşiktaş played against the other big Istanbul club, Fenerbahçe. But by now the Beşiktaş supporters have fallen silent: Beşiktaş lost 1 to 2. The seagulls and ferry horns have taken over again.

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  1. uha1
    uha1 says:

    Wow! I`ve really been touched by this post! those two sounds, 1st, the call for prayer; 2nd, the horns of the ferries while having a simit and cay at a cafe by the phosphorus!. It has been long enough to miss all that simple but priceless beauty.


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