Unwanted behaviour

Now that I have seen the youtube eeh, thing about Atatürk, I’m even more surprised about the blocking of in Turkey last week. I can’t even call it a film really. There’s a picture of Atatürk, they gave him pink cheeks, red lips and some eye shadow, they make him say with a high female voice that he’s the father of Turks and then some vague unintelligible text with lots of beeps, and then an equally stupid picture of Atatürk ‘singing along’ with the Village People’s “YMCA”. Atatürk, they mean to say, was gay. Is thís what causes Turkey to block youtube? The person making this must have been around 11, if not in age then in mind. And from what I know of children, paying attention to unwanted behaviour only encourages them. How wonderful if your ‘film’ causes a youtube block throughout the country and newspaper articles in many others! So I’m waiting for the next youtube ban that will give some spice to some teenage life.

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