Slow life

Life in Üsküdar is slower than around Taksim on the European side of town, where most foreigners live. Friendlier too, I think. Now that I hop around on one healthy foot and the other one broken – (three weeks ago, I ran to catch the last boat to Üsküdar and stepped into a hole in the pavement) – people in Üsküdar look at me in pity and say ‘geçmiş olsun’ (get well soon). If I go to ‘the other side’ people seem to be a bit irritated by this slow woman on crutches not able to adapt to the speed of life. Yesterday, I needed to go to the European side. Unfortunately, the boats weren’t operating due to weather conditions. I could have taken a bus, but I decided my trip was not that necessary and I stayed at home. Üsküdar’s more relaxed way of life suits me perfectly.

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