Kinderen Die De Wereld Veranderden

kinderenIn English, that is: Children Who Changed The World. For this Dutch book about childrens’ rights, I wrote the chapter about Arshalus Mardiganian, a young woman who survived the Armenian genocide. In case you never heard of her, read the blog post I wrote after I travelled to the town in the east of Turkey where Arshalus, her family and all the other Armenians were deported from. Other stories in the book are about twenty famous and less famous children who had an impact, like Anne Frank, Malala Yousafsaz, Kim Phuc, Ishmael Beah, Ruby Bridges, Nkosi Johnson and Helen Keller.
Published on 20 November 2014, to celebrate 25 years of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. You can order the book here. Publisher: Pixel Perfect Publications.