Bans, Jails and Shameless Lies – Censorship in Turkey

Omslag_turkey_defOn the one hand, the lack of press freedom in Turkey is an extremely brief story – it just doesn’t exist – but on the other it reveals a knot of undemocratic laws, feeble journalistic traditions and huge economic and political interests that are hard to entangle. For the first time this book takes the covers off the mechanisms, illustrated with examples to render the Turkish media landschap as intelligible as possible. Interviews with, among others, Cumhuriyet’s Can Dündar, veteran correspondent Amberin Zaman and Today’s Zaman’s Bülent Kenes.
Published in May 2016 at Eva Tas Foundation in the Netherlands. The book will be distributed also in cooperation with International PEN. Since the book is not widely available, the publisher and me decided to put the full PDF online.