Explainer: old stories on my site

Dear friends, dear readers,

Today I have posted two old stories on this website. One of you has asked why this happened – why post stories from 2015?! I can understand the confusion so let me explain.

It has to do with the design of this site. On the right hand side of the site, there is the feature ‘My Last Twelve’. When this site started, in 2015, I somehow assumed that stories that would fall off that list, would automatically be stored somewhere. This turned out not to be the case. So the archive stayed empty 😦
There is a solution: if I want to keep older stories, I have to add them seperately as ‘posts’. I have known this for some time but I did not have the chance to add these older stories. After all, between summer 2016 and summer 2017, I was with the PKK, and until May this year I have been too busy with writing the book. Now, I am working on my ‘After the book todo list’, and adding posts with older stories is the thing I will be doing the coming days or weeks. Not that many, by the way: I have not published that much while working on the book 😉
There are new stories too and they will be added as well. So don’t despair!

Why don’t I change the design of the site? That has to do with security. This site runs on a WordPress server. I never spoke much about it, but my previous site, KurdishMatters.com, has been under such fierce ddos attacks that no website provider could deal with it – seriously! The only affordable way to have a safe site that is not hacked by Turkish trolls, is running it on WordPress servers. But this comes with design limitations. So, blame the attackers 😉

Stay with me, now that the book is finished and now that I will return to Kurdistan later this year, more brand new stories will be added!

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